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Edward Sabolsky
Multi-functional and Energy Ceramics Group


What We Do

Edward Sabolsky's research focuses on the development of piezoelectric/dielectric materials, chemical sensors, reforming catalyst, battery materials, supercapacitors, solid-oxide and direct-carbon fuel cells, and ceramic separation membranes. This research includes the synthesis and electrochemical testing of complex oxide powders, ceramic nanomaterials, and novel ceramic monolithic structures to improve performance. Sabolsky has authored more than 45 papers in technical literature, and has received two patents.

Some of Our Work

Printed Circuit
Working in glove box
Operating a Laser cutter
Operating a HYREL 3D printer
Pressure sensor
Fixing machinery
Operating DMA
Printed Circuit
Material Printer
Operating Material printer

Latest News

Sablosky working in lab
Jose J. Colon-Rodriguez wearing a hard hat and holding a wrench
An illustration on someone sleeping on a mattress and dreaming about a 3D printer. Illustration by Graham Curry

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